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Let the Arts Soothe Your Weary Soul

“Ah, a brand new week filled with possibilities.”

At least, that’s what I wish would run through my head every morning. Unfortunately, it’s usually more like this:

“Holy crap, the alarm went off at five-twenty, and I’m decaffeinated, so there’s that.”

But not today.
October has been chockfull of activity.

My editor and I finished the first round of edits on A Groovy Kind of Love, and now we’re at the final proofing stage. The talented staff at Streetlight Graphics is busy designing the cover.

I’ve been working on, helping to shape the site and provide content, which has been a wonderful learning experience.

Today, I will edit my first book review for Windy City Reviews, a publication of the Chicago Writers’ Association (CWA). CWA offers local scribes fantastic programs, lectures, and workshops throughout the city.

October has been filled with celebrations (my birthday, our anniversary), watching my high school freshman play football, FaceTiming with my college jun…

Scary October Reads

Hello, everyone!

Today, I'm blogging about some of my favorite classic lit horror novels, as well as my October to-read list, at

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