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Riding the wave of the future


Book sales were up 16.6% in March, according to the American Association of Publishers (AAP). This is good news for all involved in the publishing industry. However, the best numbers were posted by e-books, whose sales grew a staggering 184.8% for the month and 251.9% for the year.
I had a difficult time making the decision whether to hold out for a traditional publisher or go out on my own. After all, what could be better than holding your first book? Lots of things, I've come to understand, not the least of which is having readers purchase your work. I am in charge of my own career, like when I freelanced, not perpetually waiting for the stoplight to turn green as the publishing industry narrows its focus to almost exclusively already-proven best-selling authors.
Since I received my iPad for Mother's Day, I have also come to realize the coolness quotient of reading my novel on this amazing device. The Kindle app makes downloading other people'…