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What Exactly Is Women's Fiction?


Categorizing one's novel can be a difficult thing. When I first released A Whisper to a Scream, I went with "General Fiction," not wanting to pigeon-hole my work. However, the more I am learning about marketing, it seems "General Fiction" casts too large a net. I need a niche. Besides, even though Whisper has two strong male characters in John and Tom, the focus is clearly on Annie and Sarah, the co-protagonists.
I decided on "Women's Fiction." But, what exactly is that?
Some think it is any novel with a strong female protagonist. Others see it as only chick lit and romances. Still others term it thusly because it happens to be written by a female.
It is a non-genre genre.
The wide scope of these words was evident when I started a thread on Kindleboards seeking women's fiction authors for a Listmania I was creating for I received posts from romance novelists, fantasy authors, women sleuth writers and …