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The Shed
by M.R. Mathias

He was caught up in the moment, the hot, sweaty, lustful moment before release. The verge. The girl was writhing on the packed dirt floor of the old tin shed beneath him. She had resisted at first, but no longer. Now her head was buried in his shoulder, and she was grunting with the animalistic power he was filling her with. He was right there on the edge. He was, he was…

“Mom! God,” the tween girl gasped with suddenly wide opened eyes. He turned his head just in time to see the edge of a cast-iron skillet as it cracked into the side of his skull with a deep ringing crunch.

He rolled off the little girl onto his back. He felt his body sputtering and could see them. There were two of them. One was the girl’s mother, the other her older sister. They had demon eyes and when he tried to roll to his feet so he could run away, he found he couldn’t move. The older sister, Emma was her name, snarled savagely as she stomped down on his head. As soon as she lifted her booted foot, her mother leaned over and slammed the edge of the skillet into his face. He tried to dodge the blow, but he still couldn’t move. He felt his teeth shatter and his lips explode, but the pain was already starting to fade.

“Get her outta here Emma,” the mother ordered. “Take her to the house and then bring me the shovel from the garage.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Emma said as she stomped his pulpy face one more time for good measure.

His vision went astray then. He could see her mother bringing down the skillet again with one eye, but the other was seeing a bloody shoe. It was as if he was looking in two separate directions at once. He didn’t have time to rationalize what that meant, because the final skull caving blow crunched into his brain cavity with a sickening wet explosion of light.

His soul slipped from his body then. He hovered over the little girl’s mother, watching on helplessly, as she pounded his skull flat. He tried to scream, but no sound came. He tried to flee, but he had no real form, no legs to run with. He could still feel that feeling, that tingling edge of release that had been about to burst out of him. It was maddening.

Emma returned with the shovel, and the two women took turns digging him a shallow grave right there in the shed floor. His ghost was still hovering over them when they put the last bit of dirt back into place over his corpse. Then his mother started calling him in for supper from next door. He tried to go, but couldn’t. He tried to call out a response, but no sound came.

“We haven’t seen him!” Emma called back. “Tommy didn’t come over here today.”

© Copyright M.R. Mathias, 2010

M.R. Mathias is the author of several e-novelettes, including Oathbreaker, Superhero and The First Dragoneer, as well as three full-length novels, The Sword and the Dragon, The Royal Dragoneers and the Young Adult title,The Adventurion, all available at amazon.com, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. For more information about him, visit www.mrmathias.com .


Anonymous said…
Whoa - very creepy and very well described. I'm taking my teddy bear to bed tonight to keep away the nightmares, that was so truly vivid.

Great work

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