Editing for Grammarphobes: To, Too, Two


Here is a Monday morning quickie for you.

“Two” is how to spell the number or quantity.


I will limit myself to only two pieces of candy on this day after Halloween.

“Too” is a synonym for also.


Come to think of it, I will eat this piece of chocolate too.

“To” is a “preposition used for expression motion or direction toward a point, person, place or thing approached and reached,” according to Dictionary.com., along with about twenty-one other uses, which I am sure you are all familiar with.


I must go to the store to buy more candy to replace what I have already eaten before my son comes home and notices I have raided his Halloween trick or treat bag.

Big News

Today is the launch date of The Chronicles of Marr-nia: Short Stories Starring Barbara Marr, by friend of the blog, Karen Cantwell. If this book is as great as Take the Monkeys and Run, it is sure to be a hit. Check it out at Fiction for Dessert .


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