You Mean It's Not...?


Today, Editing for Grammarphobes is focusing on a few words and phrases that pose some problems for speakers and writers alike.

A word I have heard many people mispronounce, including a sportscaster during yesterday’s Bears-Vikings game, is “acrost.” There is no such word as “acrost.” It is always across.

I couldn’t care less. 
Not I could care less.
I bet if you tried hard enough, you could care less. Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference reminds us to be sure to make it negative for it to be correct.

For all intents and purposes. 
Not intensive purposes.

Anyway, never anyways. Anyways is nonstandard, according to Hacker. Journey had it right with “Anyway You Want It.”

Chest of drawers.
Not chester drawers.
Chester drawers? Is he any relation to Chester Cheetah?

What misused phrases or words have brought a smile to your face? Share them with us by submitting a comment below. 


writnblock said…
You can't imagine how many times I've come "acrost" those mistakes!

They are actually pretty funny when you put them up one after the other!

Great post!

Carolina @
Thanks. Glad you stopped by.
Lovelyn said…
I'm guilty of saying acrost. I come from a family who all says acrost. I think it has something to do with being from New Jersey.

The chester drawers cracked me up.

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