Editing for Grammarphobes: The Grammar Grinch


I love the holidays, but one thing guaranteed to bring out my inner Grinch is the most common grammatical error of the season -- the use of reindeers. That’s right, reindeers.

Ladies and gentlemen, reindeers do not exist. There are only reindeer. Reindeer is a singular and plural word referring to the large Arctic deer who pull Santa’s sleigh.

I have heard this error in songs and carols, as well as misspoken on city streets, and it jolts me every time like a sprig of holly through my heart.

So, please remember to use reindeer in your holiday writing and conversations. It will make the season a more pleasurable one, especially for all of the grammar grinches like me. Thank you.

Jane Austen’s Birthday

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Flash Fiction Fridays

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Joylene Butler said…
You've a right to be ticked. I'm guilty of doing this very thing way too often. Strange though, I never write Deers. Hmm. Maybe it's a Christmas thingy.
Maybe. You know, sometimes when words are misspoken too often, the incorrect version slips into the vernacular, which is unfortunate.

Thanks for reading.

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