Editing for Grammarphobes: Misspellings


You know you have them. No matter how many times you put those words on paper or type them on your computer, you pause for a second. Hmmm... does that look right? 

Here is a list of words to watch out for, all of which should set off a wee alarm in your head while you edit your work.

Desperate (not desparate)

Disastrous (not disasterous)

Explanation (not explaination)

Fourth (not forth for the number placement)


Embarrass (Go figure?!? Why would harass have one “r” and embarrass two?)

Miscellaneous (Using misc. is not appropriate and does not let you off the hook.)

Privilege (not priviledge)

What are some words you just cannot seem to remember how to spell, no matter how many years you have been writing? 

One of mine is vacuum. One "u" or two? Is it "cc" or not? I never know.

Please share your red flag words in the comments section, so all of us can have a head’s up while we write. Thanks.


Selena said…
I always have struggled with separate. I don't know why. Even as I type it now, I have to stop and think about it.

Have a great one!

Me, too, Selena. Thanks for your comment.

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