Editing for Grammarphobes: Still More Common Word Errors


Today, I present five examples of words that are misused every day.


The word,
unique, means one of a kind. It is unique in and of itself. One cannot write or say something is truly unique or very unique. It is unique, period.

Toward and Afterward

Those are the correct words, not
towards and afterwards, which do not exist in American English. They have been misspoken so often, even I had to look up toward this week. Gasp!


The definition of
random is having no specific pattern or purpose. Consequently, this word should not be used in conjunction with people. It is rude. 

A random man asked me if I had the time. 


Since the man clearly has some purpose in life, even if it is not evident to you, random is the wrong word. He was not random, but rather a stranger.


Most of the time, when writers use the term anti-social, they really mean
asocial, which is someone who does not like to hang out with others.
Anti-social means going against everything in society. Someone who might not want to go to a party on Friday night is probably not shunning all of society. Rather harsh, don’t you think?

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Ellen said…
Well said, Karen. Think the kids will pay attention? FYI, Grace and I are bonding over your blog.
I hope someone pays attention. I am glad I can be a conduit between the generations. :)

Thanks so much for reading.

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