Flash Fiction Fridays: Romance Month Ends


Romance Month ends today with a bonus two stories. Enjoy.

Kismet in the Moonlight
By Cleveland W. Gibson

Rikki Gomez cursed his huge body.

In Zorba’s Bar in Window Rock he cursed again for making beer his God.

“I heard that,” the stranger said.

Rikki turned.

“Your curse? To get rid of fat. You want to slim down? Right?” the man continued.

Rikki leaned back. He noted the black hair shot with grey, long, tied in a plait and hanging at the man’s back. The suited Native American dressed well. The man promoted a good image to impress Rikki.

“Sure. I’m no Don Juan. I’m a slob.” Rikki ordered beer.

“Then let me help,” the stranger continued. “I’m Johnny Tosie, mystic leader of the Nakota tribe.”

Johnny showed Rikki a piece of translucent paper.

“What is it?”

“Human skin,” Johnny replied, “from the nipples of a high priestess. The tiny symbols represent Miakoda, the eternal power of the Moon. Keep this on your person and you will lose weight. Discover your soul mate too.”

“Where did you get it?” Rikki asked.

Johnny tapped the side of his nose.

“A long story.”

“How much,” Rikki asked.

“No charge,” Johnny replied. “When you’ve finished with it pass it on. Miakoda knows your thoughts. So, yes or no, Buddy?”

The stranger’s hand felt rock hard, powerful, as they shook on the deal.

At his next glance Rikki saw Johnny was gone.

A year passed quickly.

“See you’ve transformed yourself,” Johnny Tosie said. “I like the new you.” Johnny indicated the mirror in Zorba’s Bar and clicked with his tongue at Rikki’s fit figure.

“Heck.” Rikki shook Johnny’s hand. “ I owe you a lot. It’s a miracle. In the past 12 months I’ve risen through the ranks and now I’m in management, in my company. I get prestige, money, influence.”

“And love?”

“I’m trying. I’ve seen some nice girls.”

“Chase them. Use Miakoda. You want love; it will get you that. Think the right thoughts and it will all happen.”

When Rikki awoke each day he prayed for a soulmate. His patience became legendary.

One day, Rikki tripped crossing a road and a car hit him. His concussion worried the hospital doctors who decided to keep him under observation. Rikki awoke to see a young nurse. Her tied up blonde hair caught his attention, as did her chubby cheeks and 280 pounds. He studied her, knowing it was her fabulous “melt me” eyes that bewitched him. He remembered his own fat appearance and the powerful Miakoda spirit.

“Feeling better?” She took his pulse.

“I will do when I know your name.”

She paused, her eyebrows lifted.

“I mean it.” Rikki reached for the Miakoda symbol. He felt the power in his grasp.

“Jennifer,” the nurse said. Her eyebrows lifted as she studied the 170 pound patient. He interested her.

“I’d like some water first. Later comes champagne and dinner... in the moonlight.”

Cleveland W. Gibson was born in colonial India in an atmosphere of colour, mystery and intrigue. In the UK, he worked in the government, trained as a life guard and was a road race director for over ten years. Since taking up writing, he’s published over 200 short stories, poems and articles in over eighty-five countries. Gibson is the author of a children's mystery, Billabongo, and the science fiction novel, Moondust. His current project is a fantasy novel, House of the Skull Drum. To learn more about Cleveland, visit Bewildering Stories and Grey Sparrow.  

In His Love
By Deborah Brodie

On the way to her car the next morning, Sarah saw Daryl waiting for her in Missy’s driveway, leaning patiently on her car. She ignored him as she tried opening the car door without making eye contact. He refused to budge, making her attempts futile.

Instead he pulled away her windswept hair from her face and gently kissed her cheek. She sighed angrily at herself for melting the way she did at his slightest touch.

“Look at me, Sarah,” he whispered.

“I don’t want to,” she whispered back.


“Because I’m mortified!”

“No, you’re not. Your pride is a little bent out of shape, that’s all,” he said in a cavalier manner, which really made her mad.

“You love that, don’t you?” she said bitterly.

With a grin, he replied, “What I love is you, and the fact that you finally opened up and let me catch a glimmer of your emotions, raw and uncontrolled.”

Rendered speechless, she gazed into his hazel eyes, which, when the light struck them, flickered with green and gold.

“What about your girlfriend?” Sarah asked suspiciously.

“What about her?”

“I don’t remember you being this arrogant!”

“I have an adult relationship with her. Are you ready for one of those?”

Sarah’s eyes grew intense, and her lips tightened in anger as she thought carefully of her response. Daryl moved towards her; she stood still until his eyes nearly devoured her by desire, and he placed his lips to where they were almost touching hers. He could feel her tense and pant in expectation.He slowly kissed her and pulled her closer, until he stopped and spoke in a voice soft as silk, “Right around here is when you left last time.”

Pulling away from him angrily, her voice cracking in emotion, she asked, “What do you want me to say Daryl?”

“I don’t know, Sarah.” He paused and stepped away looking up towards the sky and back downwards. He finally looked at Sarah and faintly said, “It’s hard to be told you are part of someone’s dream when you were not part of building it. Back in college I thought we shared a dream, but you decided it was too risky, so you pursued another. And now you expect to pick up exactly where you left us. It doesn’t always work that way, Sarah!” he shouted.

“But I thought we were happy?”

“We were!”

“Why can’t we go back to the way things were before I left?” she pleaded.

“Because things are a whole lot different, and we’re different.” He paused and lowered his voice, “Sarah, you still cannot bear to become intimate with me. There is an invisible barrier resisting me. And I am not just talking about being intimate physically; I am also talking about connecting with me on a deeper level emotionally and spiritually. I am thrilled you’ve invited me back into your life and welcome me to be part of your future dream, but, Sarah, I have dreams and expectations too.”

Deborah Brodie was born and raised in the suburbs of Bergen County, New Jersey. She is a graduate from Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College in Tampa, Florida, and currently resides in northwest Florida with her husband. Her latest novel is In His Love, a Christian romance novel. She also has written a contemporary version of a Christian devotional, The Path that Gets Brighter.


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