Welcome. Would You Like Some Punch?


Today, I am excited to be participating in the SheWrites B&W Blogger Ball. Thanks so much to Meg Waite Clayton for organizing this. 

For those who are here for the first time, thank you for stopping by. Here's a bit of information about my blog. Bibliophilic Blather features "Editing for Grammarphobes" every Monday and Wednesday, plus "Flash Fiction Fridays," which showcases authors of various genres interpreting monthly themes in 500 words or less. Feel free to check out the themes and deadlines on the right side of the page, if you are interested in participating. 

My tip for bloggers is this: create a niche for yourself. There are so many blogs, all competing for readership and a chance to get noticed. Think about what you have to offer the world or your genre that maybe someone else cannot. 

Again, thanks for visiting. Have a seat. Grab a beverage. Make yourself at home. I look forward to visiting your blogs.


Fi said…
I'm a fellow blog hopper. That is a very valuable blogging tip. I'm working on my niche - must try harder. Good to meet you.

Great tip and interesting blog. I look forward to poking around and maybe getting some writing inspiration when my muse takes a vacation (which she sometimes likes to do after a really intense writing stint.) I will definately be back for some sustenance.
Thank you both for stopping by.
Deborah said…
Actually, I've been following you for a while - but no harm in saying hello!
llevinso said…
SheWrites hopper here! Good blog tip, and one I think I try and subscribe to. I like your blog a lot! New follower...
Thanks so much. Glad you were here.
cathykozak said…
Er, is that a trick question? I look forward to revisiting your blog for a nice long read when the SheWrites blog hop plays a slow dance. Until then, nice to meet you. And thanks for the blogger tip, a niche you say? Hmm, for me, it might be "the thin line between memoir and fiction"!
Deborah Swift said…
The Punch was lovely. Thanks for your tip, I'm a fellow blog-hopper or tap-dancer on the keyboard. Great blog, look forward to reading more.
Nice to meet you, Cathy and Deborah.
Hi, Karen! Thanks for the punch and great blog tip on keeping your niche in mind. I'm new at blogging and sometimes it's really tempting to just ramble on about just anything. Good luck with your second book! :)
Brenda Kezar said…
Thanks for the great tip!

I'll be stopping back on Fridays to check out some of the flash fiction-- it's a form I've never been able to do.
Janel said…
Just stopping by on the hop. I've been a follower for awhile already. :)
Samantha and Brenda--very nice to meet you.

Janel, I thought you looked familiar. :)

Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the punch. Been doing a lot of hopping. Nice to meet you Karen. Consistency and a niche--I need to work on both.
Cheryl Snell said…
What did you put in that punch? I'm totally jazzed, and can't stop reading this very fine blog.
Helen Smith said…
Hi Karen

I'm here from She Writes. I was already following your blog but I wanted to stop in and say hello on the 'hop'.

Carolyn: Thanks for hopping by.

Cheryl: The punch is a part of my evil plan to ensnare readership...bwahhaha. Thank you for your compliment. Glad you like it.

Helen: Thanks for stopping by. It's always good to see you.
Karen Kanter said…
So glad to be part of this blog hop. Have found some wonderful places to re-visit. Just added myself as a follower. Looking forward to reading more.
Julie said…
I'm so glad to have found your site through the blog hop. Great tip! I'm looking forward to following.
Dawn Brazil said…
Hello, fellow SheWriter here. I love your tip. I'm still searching for my niche, thought I had it but gettig readers to my site was as difficult as pulling the phone from my teenage daughter - not easy, let me tell ya. I've changed it up some but I'm still searching. But I love your site. I'll be back for sure. Maybe when my blog grows up it can be like yours...LOL
Thanks, Karen, Julie and Dawn, for stopping here. I have enjoyed your blogs as well.

Dawn: I appreciate your kind words and feel very grown up now. :)

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