Editing for Grammarphobes: Loose or Lose?


Which is correct in the following sentence?

A. I do not want to loose my car keys.
B. I do not want to lose my car keys.

The answer is B.

The word “loose” means not fastened securely or not tight-fitting. It also can mean “lacking in restraint” and “lacking moral restraint.”

“Lose” is the verb form of lost.

Flash Fiction Submissions Needed 

Bibliophilic Blather’s popular “Flash Fiction Fridays” still needs one more piece for the April Spring Fever theme. I am looking for something to run on the last Friday of the month. The drop-dead deadline for this submission is April 26.

Also, there are two open spots for May’s Parenthood theme. Submissions are due May 2. 

Remember, 500 words or less. Send your submissions to karen@karenberner.com. Put "Flash Fiction Fridays" in the subject line and include a short bio with your story. Please sign up to follow Bibliophilic Blather, so we can build our online writing community.



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