Stylish Blogger Award


Bibliophilic Blather has received a Stylish Blogger Award. A big thank you to Kelly Hashway. Kelly is a middle grade and YA author who has published over fifty short stories in various children’s magazines and anthologies. May the Best Dog Win, her first picture book, was released in March. To learn more about Kelly, please visit her website, Kelly Hashway’s Books.

For this award, I have to share seven things about myself, so here goes.
  1. I cannot wait for the Royal Wedding this week. I am hosting a Royal Wedding Bunco party at  my house Friday night, complete with a hat contest, Pimm's Cups and cucumber sandwiches.
  2. I consider Peter Gabriel the God of Music.
  3. Football (American football, that is) is my favorite sport.
  4. I have written almost every kind of copy imaginable over my twenty-five years of writing professionally, including a restaurant menu and a press release for clown college.
  5. Westminster Abbey is my happy place. 
  6. My new favorite song is Muse's "Uprising."
  7. My favorite drink at Starbuck's is a grande, nonfat, no water chai tea latte. Yum.
Now, I pass the Stylish Blogger Award to the following blogs.


llevinso said…
Oh thank you! I got this from my friend Jenny too and I have yet to post about it...
Must make a note to do so soon!!
Thank you so much Karen! Keep up the fantastic blogging!
Karen Cantwell said…
I'm honored, Karen! Especially coming from someone who I've always considered a very stylish blogger.

Enjoy your royal bunco party! Sounds like fun!
David Wisehart said…
Thanks, Karen! Much appreciated. :)
Helen Smith said…
Thank you!

That's an interesting list (both of blogs and of facts about you).

I'll go and check out the other blogs, too.

Have a great week. Enjoy the Royal Wedding. I hope it keeps fine - it's very, very sunny here at the moment but rain is forecast for Thursday.
Karen, I'm tickled to be chosen! I can tell you with complete certainty that this is the first time the word stylish has ever been used in connection with me.

Thanks so much!

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