Flash Fiction Mondays?


I am pretty excited this morning, which is unusual for a Monday. Over the weekend, the winners of the WOW! Women on Writing's Winter 2011 Flash Fiction Contest were announced, and my story, "Sheep Boy," received an Honorable Mention. 

It was the first flash fiction contest I have entered, so I am happy I get to build up my microfiction street cred. It is such a great form and a wonderful challenge, especially for novel writers. Focusing on making every word count helps writers of all styles tighten up their prose. 

I added the contest icon to the right, so you can read the winning stories. Just click on it, and the link will take you to the WOW! site. 

I will be posting "Sheep Boy" for next month's Escape theme, as it is better suited for that than this month's Parenthood.

Speaking of June's theme, I still need two more flash fiction pieces on your interpretation of Escape. The deadline is 5/30, but it can be extended to 6/8 if you need more time. Remember 500 words or less. E-mail it to me at karen@karenberner.com. Thanks.


Kae said…
Congrats TO you and "Sheep Boy" Positive contest results are so energizing! Go with it!

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