Flash Fiction Fridays: Top Five Coming in July


Join us next week as we start counting down the top five pieces of microfiction that have received the most page views since Bibliophilic Blather began running Flash Fiction Fridays ten months ago.

The top five are from writers of various genres and represent the wonderful array of stories that has come to be the hallmark of Flash Fiction Fridays. Some are from the beginning back in September 2010; others are fairly recent.

Which stories do you think made the list? 

Whisper Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to R. Doug Wicker and Helen Smith on winning the A Whisper to a Scream giveaway in celebration of the paperback release. And thanks to everyone who stopped by the release party and/or commented. It was lots of fun.


I'm a big fan of flash fiction, too. I actually have a giveaway right now for a book of short shorts, if you're interested. =)


-Miss GOP
Wonderful. I will check it out. Thanks for stopping by.
R. Doug Wicker said…
Wow, Karen, I just stopped by to see your latest blog and, lo and behold, find out that I won a copy of A Whisper to a Scream.

That is, like, sooooo cool. Many thanks.

By the way, still considering your flash fiction offer. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.
Great, R. Doug. I am looking forward to reading your work.
Excellent winners!
Thanks for your lovely encouraging comments on my blog, Karen - much appreciated. And that virtual glass of wine hit the spot!
Wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.
R. Doug Wicker said…
Karen, your book arrived yesterday. Many, many thanks. It's already in my reading queue, which will start up again following the completion of my current work-in-progress.

I'm looking forward to getting to it.
Thanks. Good luck with your WIP. :)

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