Editing for Grammarphobes: Weird Words


Do you remember that song by the Carpenters?

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” 

Well, that is most certainly true today. A thunderstorm rolled in right when I was catching up on my Monday morning correspondence. I was about to start writing this post, when our power went out and did not return until three hours later. Needless to say, several explicatives were uttered, followed by a brief period of panic and wringing of the hands.


On this goofy morning, I present words that are not spelled the way one would think, for whatever the reason.


canceled (Makes sense.)

canceling (I can see that.)

cancellation (WHAT? Why the double “L” all of a sudden?)

bologna (Why is this the proper spelling for the lunch meat, and why is it pronounced bah-loan-ee?)

Phoebe (How can this name possibly be pronounced fee-bee?)

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Kelly Hashway said…
All I can say is you have to love the English language. The people who created these words must have been laughing their heads off at the time. I'd like to also bring up the dessert and desert issue. If you say them the way they are spelled then they are totally opposites. Dessert should mean the sandy dry place because of the double "s" sound. Desert appears as though it should have a long e and be the delightful snack following a meal.
I agree, Kelly, someone must have been having a grand, old time. :)

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