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Yesterday, I had a lovely lunch with one of my kindergarten classmates. We have known each other for 2,500 years. Through the magic of Facebook, we reconnected. I was able to visit with her and her wonderful daughters while they were in town.

This friend is the very first person to purchase A Whisper to a Scream in paperback. She has been mentioning it in her Facebook status and PMing me to ensure I sign her copy before she heads home to Colorado.

It is very surreal, autographing one’s book, isn’t it? Those of you out there who have done proper book signings at various events are probably used to it by now, but I paused for a good long time, pen in hand, title page open at the ready, and continued the conversation at the lunch table until I could control the butterflies in my stomach and finally put pen to paper.

Upon my return home, my children greeted me, asking how it went. I walked past our powder room, where a plunger lie across the toilet. In my haste to get out the door, I was unable to fix the clogged toilet before I left.

This time, a different butterfly flitted about my abdominal regions.

I picked up the plunger and got to work.


R. Doug Wicker said…
That's sweet, Karen. Hope you get the chance to autograph many, many more books.

And reconnecting on Facebook with someone from the past is a real kick. I reconnected with my first literary agent, who left the business around '95 or '96 and currently resides in Dubai. She worked for the now defunct Anita Diamant Agency back before Anita Diamant Berke passed away in '96.

Anita Diamant, by the way, discovered and represented V.C. Andrews.
Wow, R. Doug, that was a powerhouse agency.

You are right, it is fun reconnecting with people from our past. Thanks for the comment.
Kelly Hashway said…
Congrats on your first signing. I always get nervous signing books. Even at my signing, I did the same thing you did. I opened up the book, pen in hand, and started a conversation with the customer until my hand was steady enough to write my name. I wish you many more autographs in the future. May your hand cramp from all the signing. :)
Hi, Kelly. Glad to hear I am not the only one. Thanks for your good wishes. Right back at ya. :)
Congrats on signing your first book. I didn't know you had one, I wish you had something so I could mention it on my blog. How wonderful, I can't wait to sign my first book this fall. I'v been practicing my signature for weeks, (that sounds so lame) but I have. Best wishes to you in your endeavors.
Lena, I'll email you with book info. It's too cute you have been practicing your signature. It is a moment we all think of, whether we will admit it or not.
Leah Griffith said…
Congratulations on your first book signing Karen. Did you practice your signature? Best to make it short and swirly so you don’t get a cramp. As for the plunger…jeesh!
I know, right? And very typical of my life :)

Thanks for stopping by.
Jayne said…
Karen- I followed the rabbit trail here from Leah's place, and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. It is quite incredible how the virtual world connects us with long lost friends (and sometimes family!).

Congratulations on your first book--sounds very interesting... I'll be taking a more in-depth look. ;)

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