Flash Fiction Fridays: Dog Days of Summer


Happy Friday! We have one more Dog Days of Summer story and then, the Free-For-All begins next week and runs through the month of September. Open prompt. No word counts. I hope you join us. It is going to be great fun.

Dog Day Afternoon 
By Libby Heily

Alfie wasn't aware of the exact moment when he became prescient.

It was an experience that lingered on for a bit. The molecules inside his balloon body heated in the muggy summer air, until they reached a point of near combustion. The heat and speed of the molecules resulted in a force, much like the Big Bang.

His first thought was "Who am I?"

His second was, "Why is my front paw so wet?"

There are a few advantages to being a balloon animal. One is that you are nice and light on your feet. Alfie found this out as he bounded out of the arms of the three-year-old that had slobbered all over his front paw.

He hit the pavement running, little legs squeaking as he sprinted away.

There are also disadvantages to being a balloon animal. One is how you interact with grass. To Alfie, it was a patch of luscious green, a brand new color he had never encountered.

One step into the thicket of grass, and BAM! 

Little bits of balloon lay scattered on the field.

Libby is working on her debut novel, Tough Girl, which she hopes to have out in early 2012. You can find a book of her flash fiction, Twist Turn and Burn, for free on Smashwords.com. To learn more about Libby, visit her blog


Great fun, with an appropriately light touch.

Thanks for your lovely supportive comments recently, Karen. They are much appreciated - now I only hope the end result lives up to all my carefully cultivated expectations!
For those of you who do not know, Deborah's novel, "The Lantern," was just released in the US and Canada this week. (She is from the UK.) This is one book I am eagerly awaiting. I ordered mine a few days ago, so it should arrive soon.
That was a very sweet and lovely story. I really enjoyed it.
Thank you for your comments, Lena. I appreciate you stopping by.
Anonymous said…
this is really good. I like it a lot
M Pax said…
Another wonderful story, Libby. I just finished your Twist & Burn. what a great read. :D
Libby said…
Thanks guys! And thanks MPax! Glad you liked it!
Madeleine said…
I liked the quirky originality of this piece. Almost surreal. Excellent!

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