Follow Me?


I joined Twitter today, god help me.

I have been holding out, not because I am a technophobe, but because my life is not that interesting that any of you would want to read a daily update. But then, Richard Bon of Liminal Fiction, friend of the blog and all-around great guy, suggested it might be beneficial for me to gain some more exposure for Bibliophilic Blather, Flash Fiction Fridays and my work in general, so I caved.

Would anyone like to follow me? I promise to only tweet newsworthy items.

Click on the link to the right, or here. Thanks.

Please join us tomorrow for a great story by Cleveland Gibson on Flash Fiction Fridays.


R. Doug Wicker said…
Sorry, Karen, but I'm still holding out on the Twitter "revolution." Don't have a Twitter account, and don't have any intention of getting one. Seems like a time sinkhole, and I have enough of those going already.

Best of luck with getting followers. If it succeeds in boosting sales, let me know. I might reconsider.
I will let you know how it goes, R. Doug. We shall see...
Helen Smith said…
I have followed you. I love Twitter - it's an awful time-waster but you do meet the most interesting people...

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