Haddad Releases Debut Novel


Friend of the blog and Flash Fiction Fridays contributor Stephanie Haddad has released a contemporary romance novel, A Previous Engagement.

Stephanie calls herself a full-time mom by day and a writer by nap time. She lives in the Boston area with her husband, toddler, and dog. While her short fiction has appeared in several online publications and won a handful of contests, A Previous Engagement is Stephanie’s first published novel. 

Here is a short synopsis of Stephanie's novel.

Tessa Monroe may not be able to operate a toaster oven safely, but she sure knows how to create and execute a marketing plan. All that time spent climbing the corporate ladder hasn't left her much time for anything else. Christian Douglas, Tessa’s best friend since eating paste was in vogue, is a wedding photographer as romantic as his craft. Though they've technically been engaged since third grade, there's never been anything more than friendship between them... Or has there?

It is available in paperback at amazon.com and as an e-book at Smashwords. To learn more about Stephanie, please visit her website


Fi said…
Sounds interesting.

By the way, I've just presented you with an award - http://fionajphillips.blogspot.com/2011/08/appreciated-follower-award.html
Helen Smith said…
Thanks for letting us know - it looks interesting. Good luck to Stephanie for the book.
Thanks, Fi. How lovely. Fi's blog is great, by the way, readers. It has a lot of great inspiration pieces for writers.

Helen, thanks for stopping by.
Kelley said…
Sounds very interesting. What a lovely cover, too! It's great to meet you on the blog hop!
Annie Boreson said…
Sounds like an interesting read. I wish Stephanie loads of success!

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