It's a Free-For-All in August

I've been thinking about what to do about Flash Fiction Fridays this month. Thanks so much to everyone who commented on last week's post about this topic. Your input is much appreciated.

Let's scrap the old theme and re-christen August a free-for-all flash fiction month. No word count mandates. No specific theme. No restrictions. Send in whatever you want. It can even be something that has been published somewhere else, as long as you provide the proper attribution information (where it first appeared, date, etc.).

Have something in your desk drawer? Send it in. Have a fragment of a scene you have been working on? Send it in. Don't be shy. This is a friendly place.

And for those who might need a little inspiration, here is a writing prompt. This is actually something one of my Facebook friends wrote as her status a few weeks ago. It was too good to pass up.

Writing Prompt

A man in a mini-van pulls into a spot and parks. A woman, also in a van, parks right next to him. She jumps into his van and is SO happy to see him. He hands her a bag from Target, and she proceeds to hold up the contents of the bag: a red thong and a bra. Lots of giggling. Do you think single people with no children drive mini-vans?

C'mon, you know you want to write this couple's story. Besides, I hear people who contribute to Flash Fiction Fridays earn a special place in writer heaven.

Send all free-for-all submissions to and please put "Flash Fiction Fridays" in the subject line. Don't forget to include a bio and links.

I think this is going to be lots of fun and a great way to wrap up the summer before we start our "getting schooled" flash fiction theme for September. 

Let the writing begin!


Kelly Hashway said…
Interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with.
Debra said…
Sounds like fun! My first time here and I'm glad I discovered your site.

Me, too, Kelly.

Debra, welcome. Glad you could join us.
Libby said…
Hey! I didn't see this post before I sent in my submission - I stuck with the dog days of summer. :)
That's okay, Libby. Feel free to submit again. :)
Jayne said…
Now that's a prompt! Hmmm...

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