Let's Get to Work


School is back in session for many across the United States. That harbinger of fall, pre-season football, has reappeared. Summer is over. Time to get back to some serious work.

I like to attack this time of year with gusto, making all sorts of lists and attempting to organize my various projects. Then I sit back in my office chair, while a sickening feeling creeps into my stomach as I gaze, mouth agape, at the enormity of the tasks at hand.

This is usually followed by a quick trip to Starbucks, from which I return, chai in hand, butterflies gone and ready to begin.

I am working on several things right now, including finishing my WIP for a late fall/early winter release, editing one guest blog, conceptualizing another, writing and editing copy for my freelance account, marketing A Whisper to a Scream, and soliciting for Flash Fiction Fridays submissions.

How about you? What are you up to this fall?


Kelly Hashway said…
I'm revising my YA manuscript and doing more freelance editing. It's keeping me busy and I love it.
Anonymous said…
Right now, I'm hitting the pause button. Aside from writing reviews and trying to finish my WIP, I'm trying to figure out what to do next. My youngest daughter started kindergarten today and I'm thinking of taking a part time job and heading back to school.

I'm excited but also plagued by a vague sense of nausea.

Janel said…
I still have another two weeks until my sanity returns, I mean my kids go to school. Today I'm in a cleaning mood, trying to pick up all of those messes that will drive me nuts when I sit down to write in a few weeks. Even though I hate to clean my silly muses like to distract me from writing by telling me I need to clean something. :)
Kelly, good luck with your revisions. I'm glad it is going well.

Jennifer O., interesting about maybe heading back to school. Good luck on your WIP.

Janel, I hear you about cleaning. I cannot write anything if there is clutter and mess around me. Even in college, I would clean my entire room before writing a research paper.

Thanks for sharing, ladies.
Leah Griffith said…
Hello Karen,
I have been avoiding the “list” but seeing how you were brave enough to put it down on paper, here goes; I am preparing for the launch of my first novel, Cosette’s Tribe, on Amazon, at the end of October. This includes navigating the many roads of self-publishing, POD, and all the other stringy tentacles that are attached to this project. I am also working my full-time job, trying to network and market for my blog and novel, writing my second novel, and getting ready for a move. Chi…I really do need to head to Starbucks!
Good luck with all of your projects, Leah. I am looking forward to your novel. Whew, you have a lot going on!
I have two novels debuting this fall. 10 short stories being release in a september. Not to mention being a mom to five. So it will be busy. But it is a blessing. I love Chai too. It's my fav.
Wow, Lena. You have a lot on your plate as well. Best of luck with your fall releases.
Claudine Gueh said…
Hi Karen,

Nice post to get things kicking for all of us! I love the word 'Starbucks' in your post ... guess I've been craving for it for too long.

For me, I'm going through the pictures on our picture book with my illustrator; tutoring 3 kids in English (most with exams coming up soon); marketing stuff; and blogging every week; and writing down ideas on our next picture book.

And ... I'm still thinking about getting a nice latte soon. Maybe later. =)

Have fun at work!
Thanks for visiting, Claudine. You have a great job working on picture books. I have nothing but wonderful memories reading them when my kids were young. Some of my favorite stories--they are magical.
Liminal Fiction said…
Chai . . . so I see you share Annie's taste in hot beverages, not Sarah's? :) I've been playing in 2 fantasy football leagues for about 10 years now, so with the season upon us (as you mentioned in this post), I have to add managing my 2 teams into the mix of editing my novel and writing new flash fiction. I love competitive fantasy football, but it consumes too many hours too easily. Sorry you have to live with Jay Cutler.
I see you have been reading, Richard. :)

Fantasy football sounds like fun, but, as you said, it is really time-consuming. Besides, I seldom know enough about the other teams to make an educated choice. I guess you could say I am Bear-centric. I am having a hard time getting into preseason football, but I am sure once September rolls around, I'll be all in.

Thank you for your Jay Cutler condolences. I am sorry to have him as well. It is very difficult to watch, these hints at decent ability, which are usually followed by a sack and 15-yard loss. Ugh.

Good luck with your projects. I look forward to all of your new work.
Jayne said…
Today, my kids went back to school and I had that same sickening feeling ...."at the enormity of the tasks at hand."
Somehow, I plowed through it. I love summer with the kids, but I've got that feeling I'm about to get a whole lot more productive. ;)
I agree, Jayne. Have fun.
Karen Dawkins said…
I've always had kids at home for school. This year I only have one here, and he's a lot more self-sufficient than he used to be.

I'm struggling to be productive with anything. I'm not used to peace and quiet!

I need a plan!

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