Nightmare on Bibliophilic Blather Street


You bolt upright from a restless slumber, perspiring despite the slight chill in the air. Your heart racing. Your awareness altered. Pulling the covers over your head, you attempt to fall back to sleep, but cannot shake that image now burrowing itself into your consciousness.

Get ready for October... Nightmare month is coming to Flash Fiction Fridays.

Please send in your microfiction pieces, 500 words or less, on your interpretation of Nightmares to Remember to put Flash Fiction Fridays in the subject line and to include a bio and author links. Please sign up to follow Bibliophilic Blather so we can build up our online writing community.

Nightmare flash fiction is due Monday, 10/3, and will begin running on Friday, 10/7.

Coming Up Friday

Free-for-All Month continues Friday with a great story by Beverly Diehl. You won't want to miss it.


Deborah said…
Thanks for your comment just now on my blog, Karen (which I didn't see before making my last one on here). That is very good to know!
angel011 said…
Now that sounds like something right up my alley... I hope I'll come up with something.
Kelly Hashway said…
I can't wait to read these. I love scary stories.
Deborah: You are very welcome.

angel011: Hope you send something in!

Kelly: Last year's horror stories were good, so I am anticipating some great work from our readers.
Barry Napier said…
I started writing free form directly after reading this and will likely send you something in the coming days. Great idea you've got going on here.
Awesome! I look forward to reading it, Barry. Thanks.
Janel said…
I'm putting this on my To-Do list! I haven't written a good, scary story in awhile. I think it's time. :)
Fantastic, Janel! Looking forward to seeing it.
I love flash fiction. Hard to write, easy to read. Looking forward to reading them.
Cat said…
Ooh, this does sound fun! :)
Anonymous said…
I love some good horror fiction. Can't wait to read ('cause writing it's not my strong point).
Lena, Cat and Jennifer O.: They definitely put one in the Halloween spirit, no pun intended. :)

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