Silkstone Releases New Book


Friend of the blog and Flash Fiction Fridays contributor Barbara Silkstone has a new novel out. Wendy and the Lost Boys is the second in her Fractured Fairy Tales by Silkstone series.

Here is the description.

When a deathbed promise to one of her agents leaves Wendy Darlin, feisty Miami real estate broker for billionaires, trapped on a super-yacht with Ponzi-king, Charlie Hook, she’s forced to join him on a quest to recover his hidden treasure.

Along for the danger-filled adventure are an undercover SEC Investigator, who kindles a spark in Wendy with his "Johnny Depp" eyes, and Hook’s young female helicopter pilot who befriends Wendy as they sail the high seas, one step ahead of modern day ruthless pirates.

A laugh out loud whodunit… kidnapping, revenge, and a little murder on the side.

It is available on


Kelly Hashway said…
By the title I was expecting a kids book. Then I scrolled down and thought whoa it's for adults! That's awesome. Best of luck!
L.C. Evans said…
I finished reading Wendy and the Lost Boys last week. I loved it. From the beginning page that had me laughing out loud until the very end I was captivated. Author Barbara Silkstone has proven once again that she's a very clever and witty lady.
Scott said…
I loved Alice and can't wait to read about Wendy. Barbara has a fun and funny style that keeps me turning the pages long into the night. I'm definitely going to buy this book (I should probably make sure to stock up on coffee too for the days after I stay up too late reading).
Well, it looks like Barbara's got herself a hit with this one.
Anonymous said…
LoveLoveLove Barbara Silkstone. Am over the moon reading Wendy.
Karen Cantwell said…
I read Barbara's Alice in Wonderland and loved it - laugh-out-loud humor and excellent writing throughout. I've just started Wendy, and it's just as fun and funny. :-)
Karen, Thank you for this lovely surprise. It was a delight to be here. I feel very warm and snuggly. Thank you all for you kind comments.

Kelly... you alerted me to something. By the title readers might expect a kids book. I probably need to put an erectile dysfunction warning on the cover. Contains "UpUGo!"
Carol Apple said…
Sounds like a fun book. Congrats to Barbara for publishing it. I will go over to Amazon and check it out!
Georgina said…
I cannot tell you how much I adored Wendy and the Lost Boys. I rarely read a book as quickly as I read it, because it just wouldn't let me put it down. Funny, quirky, intelligent, thrilling and so much more. Congrats to Barbara!
I thought this was a YA book when I saw the cover and title. But the description sounds very delightful and intriguing. Best of luck to the author in her writing endeavors, congrats on the new book.

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