It's Bibliophilic Blather's Anniversary!


One year ago this week, it was time to make something of this space. Sporadic posts would not cut it. So, I tried to find my niche.

After spending ten years editing and writing for magazines, I knew the importance of proper grammar and how it could make or break a piece. Writers needed to know the rules, but who had the time to take a refresher English class?

During its first year, Editing for Grammarphobes has covered everything from misplaced modifiers to last week's post on football words. I hope it has made the somewhat droll topic of grammar more palatable.

Okay, so that covered Mondays and Wednesdays, but what about Friday? Then I discovered flash fiction.

From its very first story by best-selling author Karen Cantwell, Flash Fiction Fridays has featured talented writers from all around the globe, each lending their unique voices to our ongoing sharing of work, making the best day of the week even better.

The blog could not be called Bibliophilic Blather if we did not talk about books, right? Throughout the year, new authors have been discovered and proper homage was paid to the classics (insert Jane Austen here).

We have built a lovely little community, you and I. Through this blog, I have met so many talented writers whose words, viewpoints and careers continue to inspire me.

We are a lucky lot, we bibliophiles, for we can climb the highest mountain one day, shed a tear with a friend the next, gasp in horror the following, then laugh uproariously, forgetting ourselves in the middle of a crowded room.

Thank you for sharing this past year with me. I am so grateful for all of your comments and feedback.

Please come back in two days for Flash Fiction Fridays and the chance to win a $25 amazon gift card.

Let's raise a virtual toast to another year of more great flash fiction stories, grammar tips and exciting new novels to discuss.



angel011 said…
Happy birthday! I hope there will be many more.
Thanks so much, angel011. I really appreciate your interaction and comments.
Janel said…
Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more years to come. :)
Janel, thanks a lot for the wishes and for all of your comments. You rock.
Kelly Hashway said…
Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy stopping by your blog.
Thanks, Kelly. I am glad you like it and am very grateful for all of your wonderful comments.
Leah Griffith said…
Karen, Happy Anniversary! I wish I had been here a year ago, but I plan on catching up;) I am a dedicated writer, but I'm also lousy with the rules, so your quick courses should help straighten me out. I may even try my hand at flash fiction.
Peace and Blessings!
I hope you do try some flash, Leah. I think you will enjoy it. Thank you very much for your wishes and for all of your fantastic comments.
Beverly Diehl said…
Woo-hoo, popping the champagne and making rude noises with balloons. Happy happy birthday, BB!
Awesome, Beverly. Who doesn't love a good balloon fart? Your comments always make me laugh. Thanks so much.
R. Doug Wicker said…
That is, like, SOOooo Kew-el (as my youngest daughter used to say—before that I always thought "cool" had one syllable).

Seriously, you've done a great service and you have much online of which to be very proud. Congratulations, and here's to hoping you present us with your gems for many years to come.
Thank you so much, R. Doug, for your lovely words. I really appreciate them and you for being such a vital part of this community.
Jayne said…
Happy Blogaversary, Karen. You've got lots to be proud of here. Great looking site and many interesting posts.

I just tried flash fiction for the first time the other day. Only is was flashcard assisted! I like micro-flash the size of of a tweet. That's a challenge. Heck, it's all a challenge. ;)

Best wishes!
Good for you for trying microfiction. That's great.

Thanks for your nice words and for all of your comments. I really appreciate them.
Cheers to many more years to come! Congratulations on your anniversary! Woohoo!
Thanks, Lena. I really appreciate all of your visits.
Fairday Morrow said…
Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!


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