Monday Morning Business


Greetings to you on this Monday morning. I don't know what the weather is by you, but it is a downpour outside my office window. Dark and dreary, it puts me in the mood for work, which I guess is a good thing.

Nightmare Flash Fiction

First order of business is a reminder that Nightmare Flash Fiction is due Monday, October 3. I am not holding too tough on the 500 words or less, though. I think 1,000 words or less still makes a good, quick read, as I come to believe from the September Free-for-All, so I am open for anything from 1,000 words or less. 

There are some creepy stories lined up, which I am sure will get you in the Halloween spirit. A few spots are still open, so if you are interested, please send your stories to me at karen(at)karenberner(dot)com. 

Amazon Gift Card Winner

Congratulations to Leah Griffith who will be receiving a $25 amazon gift card in celebration of Flash Fiction Fridays' First Anniversary. Leah writes a great blog, Eating Life Raw. Her first novel, Cosette’s Tribe, won the Laine Cunningham 2011 New Novel Award hosted by Blotter Literary Magazine.

And Now, a Public Service Announcement


Liminal Fiction said…
Ha ha, I love the public service announcement. Jersey Shore is mind numbing.
Deborah said…
Dark and dreary suits me very well too - it's so much easier to concentrate! Hope you've had a productive morning.
Thanks for stopping by, Richard and Deborah.
Janel said…
It has been a dark and dreary day here too! Perfect weather to stir up my darker muses. :)
angel011 said…
It's way too hot over here, or maybe it's me being too sick to do anything useful (well, other than paying a few bills).

Your public service announcement made me Google Jersey Shore. :)

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