The Holiday Season Begins


After learning about what really happened on and after the first Thanksgiving, I must confess the holiday is tainted. Thank goodness, my family was not among the crazy Puritans or even in the United States throughout the years of slaughter, when millions of Native Americans died in the name of expansion.

However, the idea of a national day of thanks is an excellent one, so I choose to celebrate that spirit.

It is a tenuous world we inhabit. Economies collapsing. Natural disasters. Political fighting the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime. Many are struggling. The costs of living grows greater each month.

It is overwhelming.

In these kinds of times, we all need some hope.

My wish as we begin this holiday season is for small, random acts of kindness to spread across the globe reaffirming that amid the chaos, the human capacity for good still exists.

I am going to try it. I hope you will as well.

There are so many things the average citizen really has no control over, but this is something well within our grasp. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Hold a door open for a young mother struggling with a stroller. Check on an elderly neighbor. Buy some extra items for a local food pantry.

Little things can mean so much.

I bet many of you already do this. I can sense your generosity of spirit through the various comments you leave here. Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.


R. Doug Wicker said…
Up until just recently, before the Air Defense Artillary unit at Fort Bliss moved to Fort Sill in Oklahoma, we used to have several soldiers come to our home every Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that program has just about died the past couple of years.

Sure was fun treating those young, first-time-away-from-home soldiers.
I bet that was a great time. Thanks for the fantastic random act of kindness suggestion, R. Doug.
angel011 said…
Random acts of kindness are always a great idea. I do it from time to time too, and I often don't even think of them as of acts of kindness -- I think of them as acting like a normal person. :)
Janel said…
Sometimes just a smile helps. If I am in a check-out line behind someone who is being rude I always try to be extra nice to the poor cashier, especially at this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Karen!
Helen Smith said…
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're enjoying the holiday.
Thanks, Janel and Helen. I had a lovely holiday with my family.

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