Let’s Help Jump-Start the Economy


If you have read A Whisper to a Scream, you might have noticed how much time Annie and Sarah spend in coffeehouses. No surprise, I am exceedingly fond of hot beverages, especially chai tea lattes, Annie’s favorite drink, followed closely by Sarah’s preference, peppermint mocha. Yum.

Anyhow, one of my favorite places, Starbucks, has started a wonderful program called “Let’s Create Jobs,” an attempt to get badly needed money and loans to small business owners and underserved communities through the Opportunity Finance Network.

If you purchase a $5 wrist band, all of the proceeds will go toward getting small businesses the money they need to keep afloat and/or expand, which will help the create jobs our country so desperately needs.

All it takes is five extra dollars when you go in and grab your morning coffee. Just think, for a little more than the cost of an extra grande, all of us can do a small part to help our local, family-owned businesses.

Will you join me?

Visit http://www.createjobsforusa.org/ for more information.


Janel said…
What a great idea! A pumpkin spice latte for me and funds for a small business - all in 5 minutes or less. I'll definitely buy one!
angel011 said…
It would be difficult to join in that one, since I don't live in America and have never been in a Starbucks. Sounds nice, though. :)
R. Doug Wicker said…
I don't generally do Starbucks (overpriced, and I can brew it just as tasty on my Senseo machine at home for about .50/cup), but I may have to drop by just to acquire one of these bracelets.
angel011: My apologies to my global readers. This post was American-oriented.

R. Doug: Try a chai. Trust me. It will change your life.:)
Leah Griffith said…
This sounds like a great idea. I always say that I may not be able to do something big but damn it I can do the small stuff. Thanks for passing this one!

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