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I have added something to my website that I would like to share with you.

Since the whole concept of The Bibliophiles series revolves around a book club, I thought it might be fun to create book club ideas based upon the literature The Bibliophiles will read throughout each book of my series.

You could incorporate these into your established book clubs, or start a brand new one of your own.

First up is A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, at the beginning of A Whisper to a Scream. The Bibliophiles also study As You Like It by William Shakespeare.

Since food and beverages are half of book club fun, I have developed some suggestions that are thematically linked to the literature. For example, James Joyce was Irish, so what about serving mini-ruben sandwiches and Guinness? Or maybe even bangers and mash, a pub favorite?

I also wrote up three discussion questions for each piece to help facilitate your conversation, including some for A Whisper to a Scream, if you choose it for the first meeting.

The entire plan is posted on the “Start a Book Club” page of my website at .

Happy Reading!


Kelly Hashway said…
Wish I had time for a book club! Just way too busy right now.
Leah Griffith said…
Karen, ever since I read your novel I've been wanting to read James Joyce. Funny you should suggest it. I probably won't be starting a book club as my plate is crammed full already
Kelly, it's rough, isn't it, trying to find time when you are working on the WIP.

Leah, a book club is not necessary for reading Joyce, but Guinness is. :)
Jean Henry Mead said…
Great idea, but who among us fulltime writers has the time for book clubs. I'm in the midst of preparing for a 15-author virtual blog tour scheduled for Nov. 25-Dec. 9, plus on-site signing appearnaces. I feel like I don't have time to breathe.
Thanks for your comments, Jean.

I guess I was thinking of this more for the readers who visit my blog, rather than the writers.

Good luck with your blog tour. I am doing one as well December and January.
I enjoyed being in a book club, then it seemed everyone became really busy. Too busy to book club. :-( I miss it.
angel011 said…
The Guinness part sounds great, even if there's no time for a book club. :)
brenda said…
I loved that idea. If you start a virtual one count me in.
Janel said…
What a great idea! I don't belong to a book club, but your ideas are making me want to join one. :)
Liminal Fiction said…
Great idea, Karen! Though I can't possibly start a book club anytime soon, I have always intended to read Joyce, so will do so and send some feedback your way. Also, I like the new look of, nice work!
Thanks for reading this post, everyone.

Richard, I would love to hear what you think about Joyce. We can discuss and drink a virtual Guinness together. :)

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