Who Couldn't Use a Little More Love?


Friend of the blog and previous Flash Fiction Fridays contributor Stephanie Haddad has released a new book, a contemporary romance entitled Love Unlisted.

Grace Shields is not your typical control freak. She’s much more organized. But a career that’s getting away from her and a sudden brotherly home invasion have her just a teeny bit more stressed than usual. Enter Colin Kilbourne, a free-spirited musician with a knack for ruffling Grace’s pristine feathers...and spilling coffee on all her work clothes. Grace has to find a way to become impervious to his mischievous charm and good looks, or else she just might lose control over everything after all.

Love Unlisted is available on amazon.com and Smashwords.


Leah Griffith said…
Karen, I finished your novel while I was on vacation. You're writing was so alive...investing me in the characters and their choices. I so wanted Anna realize her dreams and Sarah to stand up to Tom.
Each woman stood up in her own true way...a way that was very realistic and grounding.
Well done Karen! You have a real gift with story telling and painting pictures with your words. I'll be waiting for the film to follow!
Thank you so much, Leah. Your kind words made my day. :)
Kelly Hashway said…
Best of luck to Stephanie!
Thanks for the spotlight on Love Unlisted. Sounds like a light hearted romance. Not usually my cup of tea, but would love to read a review of it.
Claudine Gueh said…
A redundant answer to your title question: No One!

Like Lena, this isn't my cup of tea, but I'd love to read a review on it anyway. Congrats to Stephanie on the release!
Beverly Diehl said…
I could certainly use more love! Good luck, Stephanie, have added it to my wish list. (Karen, WTAS is coming up soon on that list.)

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