It's Blog Tour Time


My WOW! Women on Writing Blog Tour begins today. I am promoting the first novel in the Bibliophiles series, A Whisper to a Scream. From now until mid-January, I will be guest blogging on several awesome sites, discussing all kinds of Bibliophile things, such as "Writing backstories," "What I have learned about e-publishing," and "Channeling your inner man: how to create realistic male characters."

In typical Bibliophile fashion, there will be much talk of books. I wrote one post on why we should revisit the classics, and another on what we can learn from them. I even did a podcast interview that will air later on in December. 

It is all very exciting. 

Here is the schedule of appearances, if you would like to join me on any of the stops on the official A Whisper to a Scream (The Bibliophiles: Book One) blog tour. 


BECKY said…
Congrats, Karen! How exciting! I'm hopping over to WOW right now.
angel011 said…
Congrats! Now that looks like a busy schedule!
Thanks so much for your comments, Becky and angel011.

Becky, thanks for checking it out.

angel011: Yes, I have been writing so much, my brain hurts. :)
Helen Smith said…
That looks exhausting - good luck with it, I hope you find lots of new readers.
How wonderful. You will be very busy. How do you find the time? I will do my very best to keep up with you on the tour. I can't miss your grammar post and editing posts. Those are my favs. I am making a request that you post about quotation marks, parenthesizes and apostrophes. :-)
Thanks, Lena. I will do "Editing for Grammarphobes" on those topics in the new year. :)
Leah Griffith said…
Wow Karen, you are going to be really busy! How exciting! I'll be checking in on you and gleaning some thoughts on a few topics. Break a leg lady!!!
Janel said…
Can't wait to stalk, I mean follow your blog tour. :) Have fun!

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