Editing for Grammarphobes: Let's Play!


I love word games. Crossword puzzles. Word searches. Scrabble. Hurray!

So today I thought it might be fun to play a matching game.

Can you pair up the correct archaic word with its definition?

Don't cheat! Since Blogger does not an upside down typeface option, the answers will be at the end of the post.

Have fun!


1.  dasypygal                                  a.   fear of excrement
2.  gynarchy                                   b.   fear of relatives
3.  saprophilous                              c.   living in rotting waste
4.  smellfungus                               d.   the feeling one gets when a limb "falls asleep"
5.  galeanthrophy                            e.   a person who will not stop talking
6.  scatophobia                                f.   having hairy buttocks
7.  blatherskite                                 g.  a government consisting of women
8.  obdormition                                 h.  the delusion that one is a cat
9.  syngenesophobia                        i.  a person who finds fault in everything
10. gynecocracy                              j.  rulership by women


1) f  2) j  3) c  4) i  5) h  6) a  7) e  8) d  9)10) g.


Leah Griffith said…
Good Morning Karen. This was fun, although I only got three of these correct. I loved it! LOL!!
Glad you enjoyed it, Leah. Weren't these great words?
Kelly Hashway said…
How fun! I love word games too.
High five, fellow word nerd! :)
Beverly Diehl said…
Well, I got a *few* of them. Some of the others... not so well.

Wouldn't "fear of relatives" = common sense, in some families?
Deborah said…
Great fun - thanks, Karen! This is where we all need to know our latin and Greek roots...
I didn't do so well. But it was fun trying. I learned some new words in the process too. Thanks for sharing it.
Beverly: "Fear of relatives = common sense" --Absolutely! LOL!

Deborah: You bet! Thanks for reading.

Lena: I learned some new words as well. Thanks for playing.
Anonymous said…
Geez! I got one right!
Jennifer O.: Don't worry. It was tough. I just couldn't help sharing some of these gems.

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