Show of Hands. Who Loves Words?


I came across two great websites while researching this past week, Grandiloquent Dictionary and The Phrontistery, both of which feature obscure and long-lost words. I could not help but scan their pages, delighting in the treasure trove I had found.

These sites will come in very handy when I begin writing Thaddeus and Spring’s book in a month or so, because our dear Bibliophile Thaddeus is a rampant anglophile who delights in using archaic words.

Here is one to whet your appetite.

Q: Can you guess what redactophobia is?

(Here’s a hint. It is something quite a few writers suffer from.)

A: The fear of editing or editors.

Wish I would have known when I was working in magazines. I could have gotten a lot of mileage off of it.

Please join me Wednesday when our word fun continues with a matching game featuring some awesome locution.

A Reminder

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Beverly Diehl said…
But my words, oh my precious babies, I can't sacrifice a single one of them!

Redactophobia - been there, felt that. And got over it (mostly, though it still slithers in from time to time).
I don't have redactophobia, but I had no clue what it meant. My first guess was the fear of doing something over or back tracking. But eh, I learned something new. :-)
Janel said…
Glad the Kindles have a dictionary feature! Some of those rarely used really throw me. :)

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