Opulence, Sex...and Murder


Flash Fiction Fridays contributor and friend of the blog R. Doug Wicker has released a new novel of intrigue aboard a luxury liner.

Here is a little about some of the main players.

The Globe —38,500 tons of ocean plying opulence housing in its fabulous apartments some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Reynard Chevalier—The Globe’s security officer. An expatriate American with a new name, a new country, a new life, and a past that is rapidly catching up and threatening to destroy him.

Staff Captain Katarina Giordano —Reynard’s boss during the day, his lover at night.

Jane Hanover —The Globe’s latest resident. The fiancĂ©e from Reynard’s previous life. The woman who has sent Reynard’s past careening on a collision course toward his all too vulnerable present.

Charles Hanover, III —Jane’s philandering husband. A man who rationalizes his infidelities by demanding that his wife also find solace outside their marriage.

Security Officer Sarah Brighton —Reynard’s amorous Number 2. A woman too young for Reynard and too determined to accept no for an answer.

Sterling Heyward —The Globe’s reclusive owner and Reynard’s best friend and employer. A man whose enormous wealth was built spilling the blood of others.

The Globe Slasher —A sadistic sociopath with a very large chef’s knife and an insatiable blood lust for the rich and beautiful. A serial killer who has reached into the distant past to find inspiration for his perverse grotesqueries.

Louis Guignard —The French police captain. A man stationed in Saint Barts, hundreds of miles from The Globe. A man walking Reynard through his investigation via a very tenuous internet connection. A man who knows that it is only matter of time before the Globe Slasher turns on the one person aboard The Globe who can stop the slayings—Reynard Chevalier.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

The Globe is available at amazon.com.


R. Doug Wicker said…
Thank you so very much for the recognition, Karen. Very nice of you.
angel011 said…
It sure does sound interesting!
Beverly Diehl said…
I've never been "into" mystery, but with an intriguing cast like this, you just may change my mind.
It does sound interesting. And the post title is so titillating. I couldn't help but click it. :-)

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