Romance Flash Fiction: Who's In?


This Monday morning, I am looking forward to February, when a jaded writer's mind turns to thoughts

It is time to think about romance flash fiction to get us in the mood for Valentine's Day, which, despite all of its nauseating, flowery pink, is a lovely idea at its core. And who doesn't enjoy a good love story?

So, please send your submissions (1,000 words or less) to by 1/30. Put "Flash Fiction Fridays" in the subject line and include a short bio and links (bookseller, blog, website, etc.) with your story. Also, if you haven't done so already, please sign up to follow Bibliophilic Blather, so we can build our online writing community.

Thanks so much.


Kelly Hashway said…
I'm looking forward to reading some good romance flash fiction next month.
R. Doug Wicker said…
What has flashing to do with romance? Oh. Wait. I get it.

Never mind.

(sorry, couldn't resist)
I love reading flash fiction. Not my strong suit as far as writing. But I look forward to reading all the entries.

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