A Sad Day


I received word today that LC Evans, one of our Flash Fiction Fridays contributors from last March, passed away from cancer last night. She wrote "The Toughest Kid in Town," remember?

I met Linda through Kindle Boards awhile back. She was a talented writer and extremely supportive of all of us on the boards. When I was putting together comedy month last year, I knew there was no one better to contact than Linda and her cohorts over at A Moose Walked into a Bar. She graciously consented.

Her bio states "L.C. Evans began her writing career with short stories and essays before branching out into novel writing. More than a hundred of her stories and humorous essays have been published in such magazines as Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Woman's World, Horse Illustrated, and Ladies Circle among many others. Over the years Ms. Evans has won awards in writing contests and has kept busy honing her craft by taking writing courses and attending writing seminars. She was recently a featured presenter at the Carolinas Writers Conference in Wadesboro, North Carolina. After traditional publication of Talented Horsewoman, the first of her Leigh McRae horse mystery novels, Ms. Evans decided to take control of her career by trying her hand at indie publishing.

'All this means,' she says, 'is that I pay for my own editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, and all the other publishing expenses. However, I also get complete control over my books, and that means I can keep the price low. Readers on a budget will still have access to my books. I care deeply about all of my readers and I take great joy in the many fan letters readers send me.'"

Her most famous novel is We Interrupt This Date, which came in at number three in the Romance/Chick Lit category of the 2010 Red Adept Annual Indie Awards and made the Final Four in the March Madness poll at Daily Cheap Reads.

Her latest was My Planet or Yours? Other LC Evans books include The Witness Wore Blood Bay, Talented Horsewoman, Night Camp, and Jobless Recovery.

If you can, please purchase one of Linda's books today as a tribute to her and to help her family pay medical expenses.

Rest in peace, Linda.


BECKY said…
Oh, that is very sad to hear. I will definitely buy one of her books. Thanks for the information, Karen.
How sad. My condolences to her family. R.I.P.
R. Doug Wicker said…
Oh, my goodness. I only knew her through on-line contact, but she felt like a true friend and long-time acquaintance.

What a terrible loss.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear of her loss. Went right over to Amazon and bought We Interrupt This Date for myself, and Night Camp for my daughter. Thanks for your post...
Lena, thanks for your comments.

I know, R. Doug, I feel the same way.

Jennifer, thank you very much for buying the books.

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