Flash Fiction Fridays: Experimentation


Romance month continues today with a lovely piece by Simon Kearns.

Fugue No.2
By Simon Kearns


The breeze caressed the trees. The nightingales sang loudly.


- The breeze, a southerly, and somewhat damp from the sea, made the trees whisper among themselves as if a stranger were in town. Moonless night in early June, and the nightingales sang loudly. By the window, the curve of you, a silhouette against the stars.

- The breeze caressed the trees, wavering every leaf, simply passing through, not bending in haste. Moonless sky of stars, silently flickered by bats, with constellations defined and bold. The curve of the plough matching that of your shoulder, as if it were a decoration. And the nightingales sang loudly.


The breeze caressed you, and the trees approved, dampened by the sea, and starry sky, the curve in the window with the curve in the sky and the night in the night wavered and flickered and the great bear at your shoulder, and boldest of all, as I kissed you, the nightingales sang loudly.

Simon Kearns grew up in the North of Ireland and currently lives in the South of France. His debut novel, Virtual Assassin, (Revenge Ink), explores personal responsibility in a corrupt society. His next will be published in Spring 2012. To learn more about Simon, visit his website.


Kelly Hashway said…
I like this format. Very interesting.
Beverly Diehl said…
What an interesting way to tell a story, I really enjoyed it. Kudos, Simon!

P.S. Beautifully sensual, as well as quirky style.
Anonymous said…
He brings in so many subtleties in so few words. The writing holds a sort of addictive quality; it calls me to reread it over and over to catch all the little details. I love it.
Leah Griffith said…
This was an adventure full of delightful surprises. I don't know how he did it but the result was delicious!
Simon K. said…
Thanks everyone.

Happy Valentine's Day.
Hi there! Just popped over from She Writes and am a new follower.

Great piece. Very sensual. I do love a bit of flash fiction. Can't wait to read more!


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