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You might have noticed the pink badge over to the right and wondered "What the heck is that?"

I have joined authors Karen Cantwell and JC Phelps, along with actor/writer Aimee Hix and stay-at-home/homeschooling mom Beth Balberchak, at a brand-new movie review site, Flixy Mom.

Here's a little bit about it.

"We are here to help parents find movies that are enjoyable and appropriate for their children's viewing experience.

Truly, we all have our individual philosophies and limits regarding allowable content in a movie. Some parents are comfortable with mild language while others are not at all. Some want no violence or no sexual content, while others may allow some of one or both, depending on the age of their child and/or other factors. Some children are very affected by certain scary or evil characters, while other children are not bothered by these things at all.

It is our hope at Flixy Mom, that we will provide movie reviews that give you valuable information as well as our own personal preference for the movie.

We will be reviewing family movies for all ages -- very young children, elementary school-age, and young adult. We may even review a romantic comedy or drama if we feel it is a movie that would be enjoyed by the family."

Flixy Mom will feature both in-theater films and DVDs. I am going to be handling some of the older-kid movies, junior high age and up, although I will be participating in The Lorax group review since I just love that book and am very interested to see what they do with the movie.

My first review was of Big Fat Liar. Next up is The Woman in Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe, which will run sometime soon.

Please stop by and check it out, maybe even sign up to follow it. There also is a Facebook page, if you would like to join, where there is a lot of great movie talk going on.

Thanks much.


This sounds like a great site, can't wait to check it out!
angel011 said…
The Woman in Black might be scary to some kids. I haven't seen it yet, but judging from the book and some descriptions, it could be creepy.
Beverly Diehl said…
What a fun idea. (However, will bail on joining that, too, as I have no little ones and almost neva watch movies myself.)

Will recommend to others, though.
Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful idea! I love it. I have four girls, and we've been unpleasantly surprised a few times on movie night. Following on FB.
Thanks, Unpublished Life. Hope you like it.

angel011: You're right, it is creepy, but in a fun way.

Beverly: Thanks for spreading the word!

Jennifer O.: Thanks for the Facebook follow. :0
John Wiswell said…
Haha, I'm a little intrigued to see how Woman in Black rates for child-appropriateness!
Kelly Hashway said…
Hi, Karen. I've given you an award on my blog stop by to claim it.

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