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Want a chance to win a digital copy of A Whisper to a Scream (The Bibliophiles: Book One)?

Stop by Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews blog to read an excerpt, check out my interview and enter the giveaway.



Anonymous said…
That was a nice interview. How awesome that Peter Gabriel read your work! You're not a fossil, I think a lot of people like to write on paper as some physical representation of their progress. Speaking of progress, how are you getting along with Katherine? (I would wish you luck in completing the story, but I don't think you need it.) When is her story coming out? I'm excited, I'm going to purchase "A Whisper to a Scream" and " 'Til My Soul Gets It Right" at the same time. :)

~ Chelsea
Thanks, Chelsea.

"Until My Soul Gets It Right" is in its final phases and will be out later this spring. Stay tuned for details. :)
inluvwithwords said…
Oooo, heading over there now. . .
What a great interview Karen and it was so exciting to read an excerpt from your novel. Wow. I think the series will be fantastic.

I cannot believe Peter Gabriel knows your work and gave you permission to use his song. Spine-tingling.
Great interview. I don't think I've read an interview where an author received inspiration while in the shower. I usually get alot of ideas while taking a long bath. So I guess it's similar :-) I like Peter Gabriel as well. Jill Scott's music is my muse. Thanks for sharing what seems like a great book and a great author.
Anonymous said…
Excuse me, "untill" not "til."

Yay :)


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