Celebrating Poetry


"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."
-- Edgar Allan Poe

I must confess, out of all the various types of writing, poetry is my weakest, both in understanding and execution. Even my college professors marveled at the utter lack of connection I and my fellow English majors had with the genre, exclaiming we were, quite possibly, the worst poetry class within memory.

This is nothing to be proud of.

Life being how it is, my son is an excellent poet. He has even garnered a writing scholarship with his work. When I read it, I am amazed at his weaving of metaphors and phraseology, all of which is so very out of my realm.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words"
 -- Robert Frost

Through him, however, my understanding of poetry has deepened, I am happy to report, although I still regard it as the most difficult of all writing to do well and am amazed and awed by those who possess that gift.

On this last day of National Poetry Month, I praise the bards among us, for you are the hearts and souls of the writing community.

By Tim Berner

Promiscuous lover,
I see you every season
With courts bow —
I shall sweep —

You flit around
As playful jester,
A heart sound,
Mind predetermined

In our dance
We shall sleep
Until next dawn
When you will leave

As your rapier
You sting,
So long subtle suitor

Who is your favorite poet? Why? Do you have a favorite poem?

Quotes courtesy of  http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_poetry3.html#zcWvx4Mwhf1uQeBK.99


Kelly Hashway said…
I love Robert Frost. I used to teach his poems to my students and they loved them too. There are so many ways to interpret them. It made for wonderful discussions.
I agree, Kelly. I once spent a morning traipsing around in a fog-covered cemetery in Vermont to find his grave.
Anonymous said…
:) Bees. That was pretty! Poetry is definitely a small niche. My mom and I used to read out of a children's poetry book before bed every night; the rhythms helped me fall asleep. My favorite out of that book is "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod" by Eugene Field.

inluvwithwords said…
Nice poem by your son. Thanks for sharing it.

I used to love reading the silly poems of Jack Prelutsky, Shel Silverstein, and Bruce Lansky when my kids were young.
Thanks for reading, Chelsea and inluvwithwords .
Beverly Diehl said…
Kudos on the bee poem, very RenFaire-ish, I liked.

I struggle to write poetry, from time to time. Alas, I could turn out reams of the bad stuff, but the stuff people would NOT run away, screaming, from? Not so much.
I understand completely, Bev. I struggled to write the one required poem for my English major in college and remarkably got an "A." How? I do not know 'till this day. It was so exhausting, I gave up on poetry. :)

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