Book Talk at the EP Library


Last Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to do an author talk for a packed house at the Elmwood Park Library.

I discussed my series in general, read the first Bibliophiles book club meeting scene from A Whisper to a Scream (The Bibliophiles: Book One), gave a brief introduction to Catherine by reading the beginning pages of Until My Soul Gets It Right (The Bibliophiles: Book Two), signed several books, and even posed for a few photos with readers.

All in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend a Thursday night. My thanks to the EP Library and all who attended.


Beverly Diehl said…
Awesomesauce! The only thing better than a library is a book-signing at a library. Someday, it'll be my turn.

In the meantime, so excited for you!
Janel Gradowski said…
Looks like you had a great time! Yay for libraries bringing in authors. :)
Thanks, Beverly. :)

Janel, yes, a big hurray for libraries hosting book talks. It is a great way to remind people how important libraries are to the literary community.
Kelly Hashway said…
Congrats on a successful event! I wish you many more.
L.J. Kentowski said…
Oh, that looks like great fun! I love the libraries and I'm so glad they are still keeping up with the times. I look forward to taking my son soon.

Thanks, Kelly and L.J.!
Helen Smith said…
R. Doug Wicker said…
That is just SOOOooo cool, Karen. Just so, SO cool. Congratulations, and I hope you made a TON of new fans.
Thanks, R. Doug. It was great fun.
angel011 said…
Congrats, looks like you had some great time!
I did. Thank you, angel 011.

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