Cosette's Tribe


Friend of the blog and Flash Fiction Fridays contributor Leah Griffith's novel, Cosette's Tribe, is out, and it is wonderful. Cosette takes on a life filled with misfortune and dark secrets with such fortitude, it is impossible not to love her.

Here is a brief description.

Inspired by a photograph of a happy tribe of Indians, young Cosette decides to start a tribe of her own by playing matchmaker for her divorced mother in hopes of finding a replacement for her absent father. Unaware of the repercussions her meddling will bring, Cosette triggers a series of dark events, which isolate her from her family, forcing her to deal with the life-shattering consequences of her actions on her own. With an unshakable sense of hope and humor, Cosette navigates through the hippie culture of the mid-1960s, facing off with life and death, while stumbling upon things both terrifying and beautiful.

In his review, Garrison Somers, editor of The Blotter said, "It’s a lot of fun to find a book that pulls you in like a sneaky friend does when you stand a tad too close to the edge of the swimming pool. Leah Griffith writes like the words are just up there on a shelf, all flour and sugar and shortening. I gotta warn you though; Cosette’s Tribe made me mad, and it also made me cry. I’m proud that The Blotter Magazine was able to award the 2011 Laine Cunningham Novel Award for such a book."

Cosette's Tribe is available at and

For more information about Leah, please visit her website and her blog, Eating Life Raw.


Leah Griffith said…
What a pleasant surprise to wake up in the morning to a lovely review of Cosette's Tribe. Thank you Karen for sharing your thoughts on my novel. I have a new and improved respect for indie authors attempting to market their own material. Nothing speaks louder than when a reader/fellow writer enjoys your work.

Your support has been like a friend standing nearby. Thanks again Karen.
Kelly Hashway said…
I love books that can make you feel so much.
It is my pleasure, Leah. Good work must be shared.
Kelly, it really is an amazing novel that submerges you head-first into Cosette's world.
angel011 said…
Sounds interesting, thanks for sharing!
You are very welcome, angel011.
Ruth Schiffmann said…
I hadn't heard of this one yet. Thanks for the review.
You are welcome, Ruth. Thanks for stopping by.

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