Editing for Grammarphobes: New Words


It's official, ladies and gentlemen. E-readers are here to stay. Well, at least according to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which recently added the word to its 2012 edition.

"E-reader" made the list, along with "bucket list," "game changer," "earworm," "man cave," the unfortunate "sexting," "mash-up," "gastropub," which I had to look up because apparently I am not cool enough to know what that is, and "f-bomb," something I am not averse to dropping every now and again.

Rounding out this logophiles' dream is "aha moment," made popular by the all-powerful Oprah Winfrey.

How many of you have spent time reading the dictionary? Me, too. I also love Merriam-Webster Online. As a matter of fact, I might run over there right now and take one of their vocabulary tests.

Have a delightsome day!


Claudine G. said…
Oh dear, I don't think I'm cool enough ... I've no idea what 'gastropub' means! I do like the 'bucket list' though. :)
Kelly Hashway said…
I use dictionaries all the time. Yay for word geeks!
LOL, Claudine.

Cheers to us, Kelly!

Thanks for stopping by, ladies.
I had to Google "gastropub" too.

Though I'm still peeved that MW for including "nucular" as a legitimate pronunciation. Ick.
I'm glad I'm not the only one about gastropub.

I agree about "nucular," Kimberly. Ugh.
angel011 said…
As a writer who writes in two languages, and a translator as well, I use dictionaries all the time.

I had to look up the gastropub, too. :)
I feel so much better knowing that most of you very intelligent people did not know gastropub. Whew!
Beverly Diehl said…
Gastropub. Add me to the list of puzzled people Googling it.

I love words, they're delicious. Even when sampled outside of a gastropub.

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