Flash Fiction Fridays: Fugetaboutit


August. Time to sit back, drink some lemonade, and enjoy the dog days of summer. This month, we have an assortment of subjects and styles, a great mix of flash fiction certain to entertain. Enjoy.

Family First
By Michael Robb Mathias

"Whatta ya mean she's gonna testify Vinny? She tells the council that I was selling Gamma Grain, I'm gonna do a whole lot of moon mining!"

"She's my wife, Zing." Vinny shrugged. "She's family. Wadda ya want me to do?"

"I'm your brother!" Zingo shot back. "I was family first!"

"That's what Ma said, but man I got kids to think about." Vinny shrugged again, "Whadda ya want me to do?"

"Funcklzin Bzishnit Vin! I want you to keep your wife from testifying to the council is what I want."

"They'd just chip her. Pick it all up from the sensory wave regenerations. They'd dream it out of her sub man."

Zingo glared daggers into his brother's eyes. Vinny met the intense gaze for a long moment, but finally looked away.

"She's my wife," Vinny said weakly, but Zingo could tell that his brother understood now.

"Full Bzishnit, Zingo," Vinny cursed, as he pulled out his volter. He leaned over the plastex seat of the tube runner and looked at his struggling wife in the backseat. Zingo had rolled her up in celluloform so tightly that her face looked like it was going to explode. "Sorry," he apologized before he jacked her heart with a pulse blast of undetermined wattage.

He switched the impact glazing off and ejected her into space as if she were nothing more than a refuse capsule. "Are you happy now?" He asked his brother with a growl.

"Pap always said family first, Vin." Zingo gave his brother a loving pat on the shoulder.

"Family first," Vinny agreed. "It's not like I can't just buy another wife from chatteltech."

Copyright © 2011 by Michael Robb Mathias Jr.

M.R. Mathias is the author of the best-selling Wardstone Trilogy and the Dragoneer Saga. His most recent, The Wizard and the Warlord: The Wardstone Trilogy Book III, was released in July. To learn more about Michael, please visit his website.


Leah Griffith said…
This was a blast to read. I have a soft spot for wise-guys! Vinny! Good one. Thanks for sharing;)
Kelly Hashway said…
Great story. The characters really come alive.
this was great, really loved the line/concept of "Pick it all up from the sensory wave regenerations. They'd dream it out of her sub man"

marc nash

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