Flash Fiction Fridays: Show Some Love


August. Time to sit back, drink some lemonade, and enjoy the dog days of summer. This month, we have an assortment of subjects and styles, a great mix of flash fiction certain to entertain. Enjoy.

A Love Letter
By Leanne Dyck

We have always had a special relationship. When we meet, you wooed me with your clever tricks. You were never the same way twice. Sometimes your “b” looked like a “d”. Sometimes your “p” looked like a “q”. I was surprised to hear that you didn’t entertain everyone in this manner.

Later our relationship grew, and I learned that you could be collected into a group. I was informed that this group was read as a word.

Ah, how your words danced before my eyes. Sometimes “w-a-s” danced. How it waltzed! How it jigged! How it jived! Watch it now as it twists into “s-a-w”. Amazing! Thrilling!

Yet, you only danced for me.

Your behavior does make our relationship challenging.

Words dance before my eyes…unclaimed. Sometimes I am forced to guess at your intent. You are always a puzzle, a surprise. You intrigue me. You entertain me. You embarrass me.

Do you remember the time I was reading you to a group of children? I thought we were having a merry old time until one of the children stopped me. It seems you had fooled me yet again, but you hadn’t fooled the child.

Perhaps it was my fault. So what if your relationship with others is easier and more harmonious?

Whatever the case, it was long ago, and I have forgiven you.

My passion for you grows stronger every day.

Leanne Dyck is a women's fiction author. Her stories are about strong women and the challenges they face. Leanne's writing has been published in several periodicals, including Island Writer literary journal. Her most recent book, The Sweater Curse, is a knitting-themed thriller. To learn more about Leanne, visit her website.


A beautiful flash fiction story. A person could relate the you in this story to anyone or anything, and for some strange reason I related it to writing
Loved this, it reflects my own obsessions with the word and typographies.

Marc Nash
Beverly Diehl said…
Sounds like a love-hate relationship. Lovely light little snippet. :-)
R. Doug Wicker said…
An absolutely delightful piece for any lover of the written word.

Great job.
Thank you all for your kind comments. Um, a love-hate relationship... I'll have to think some more on that. True I've always loved "story" but have I ever hated words? They've frustrated me--at times. But hate? I don't think I've ever... Leanne gently slides into thought.
Thank you so much, Karen. Your validation of my words helps me overcome, appreciate and join in fellowship.
All the best
You are very welcome, Leanne. :)
This is so delightful, romantic, electric. Satisfying.
Thank you so much, Lynn

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