In Praise of Autumn


My apologies, summer people — with your beaches, Coronas and shorts — your season is officially over. Time for strolls through nature’s changing art studio, pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters.

Autumnal equinox arrived Saturday for those of us in the northern hemisphere, a day I have been eagerly anticipating since, well, June 1. Every 90+ degree day this summer, I closed my eyes and chanted the words “autumnal equinox” three times, then quickly ran inside the air-conditioned house.

The day and night are of equal halves on autumnal equinox. Traditionally, it is a time to search within and seek stillness and contemplation — the perfect time to write!

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Maybe it is because I am a child of October, but I love crunching through the fallen leaves, the fresh crispness of the morning, the gorgeous texture of pumpkins and gourds, and, of course, the hot beverages that accompany this wonderful time.

Autumn is the opening note of a wonderful triplet: October (Halloween), November (Thanksgiving) and December (all of the various Yuletide celebrations). It makes me delirious with joy, and that is saying something. I am not the giddy sort.

Happy Fall, my friends.

What are some of your favorite things about autumn?


I agree! I'm an autumn lover myself... although I have a thing about not turning on our heat until mid October. And since we're having a particularly cold fall, I'm layered in fleece and wool socks. Brrr. But, still, I'm one happy camper without the summer heat!
Kelly Hashway said…
Autumn is my favorite season. I love the temperature, the colors, and the smell in the air.
BECKY said…
Karen, I'm just like you! Fall is my favorite season! Sweatshirts, jeans, flavored coffees, fireplaces, etc. And I totally agree about Oct, Nov, Dec being such great months, all in a row! I always looked forward to going back to school when I was a little girl, and those memories go along with fall, too.
Oh, and I LOVED "Summer-People"! I'm a Midwest gal and I gotta have my four seasons!
My favorite season is autumn. I love the different colored leaves and all the holidays that fall within autumn. Best time of the year for me because it brings my family, near and far, closer together.
Claudine G. said…
I love the quiet romance of Autumn (even though the temperature remains summery in Singapore ... I can only hope for grey sky mornings).

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