Really, Chuck E. Cheese?


Photo by Dave Parker

The other day, I heard a commercial that literally made me stop and do a double take. I could not have possibly heard correctly, I thought, but then the lyric blared through the television again.

“Everybody say cheese is funner.”


As if the United States was not in a bad enough grammatical state, let’s make it worse by teaching millions of little kids “funner” is a word and repeating it until our ears bleed.

Awesome, Chuck E. Cheese.

One can even download the song from the company's website, so apparently they are proud of their grammatically incorrect plebian summer anthem and encourage sharing it.

Even, the premier site for colloquialisms, states “funner” is “The dumb person's way of saying 'more fun.’”

Why would anyone want to encourage that? I know Chuck E. Cheese is not PBS, but why does “fun” have to include wrong language that will only further dumb down our kids’ linguistic skills?


Katie Checkley said…
That is just appalling!

I was in Atlantic City a few months ago, and in one of the casinos, I saw an advertisement for American Idol. It said: "The Vote's Are In."

What? The votes don't own anything! I was so upset!


Love the blog, now following.
Thanks, Katie. Welcome to the Bibliophilic Blather community.
R. Doug Wicker said…
Advertisers have been screwing up the English langauge for decades: "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should."
I know, R. Doug, but it drives me crazy.
Kelly Hashway said…
This commercial annoys me to no end!
Nicki Mann said…
I've never seen that commercial, thank goodness... I don't watch much TV, and when I do it's usually on my DVR so I can skip commercials like that. I wonder why they'd use that phrase. It doesn't even make much sense!
Beverly Diehl said…
That is funny, but it's not.

One blog I am not visiting sporadically is the blog of "unnecessary" quotation marks. Seriously, do people get a commission on 'em or something?
Kelly: Me, too.

Nicki: Exactly!

Bev: Ridiculous grammar issues...
My husband used to be a math professor. He had to sit through a lot of graduation ceremonies.

He's still perturbed by the one in which the valedictorian actually described the university as the "funnest" school.
I understand your husband's dismay, Kimberly.

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