What Are You Up To This Week?


When my husband asks me that question, my usual response is "About 5'2"." I know. I'm hilarious. What's really disturbing is that I am shrinking. At my height, I cannot stand to lose any inches for two reasons. First, that means I look fatter both in the mirror and on the BMI charts, which is never good. Second, thirty years from now, I will be small enough to fit in a pocket. Maybe if the books don't sell, that can be my new career when I am about eighty — writer in a pocket — ready for all of your communication needs.

I am back to work full-time this week after dropping my oldest to college. We have been in contact several times (his initiation, I did not want to be a nag), which made me exceedingly joyous and leads me to believe I will survive this latest of life's adjustments.

Writing, writing, marketing, promotion, writing, and, surprise, more writing are on tap this week, as I prepare for my WOW! Women in Writing Blog Tour.

"A Bibliophiles' Christmas," my holiday short story will head out to the editor next week, which is exciting. It is already at the cover designer's. Should be exciting to see what she comes up with.

My son's first football game with his junior high team is Wednesday. Very exciting. Oh, and lacrosse starts up a fall ball league on Saturday.

Speaking of sports, how 'bout them Bears??!! They trounced the Colts in yesterday's season opener after a less than stellar opening offensive series. Woot!

How about you? What projects are you working on? What extracurricular activities will be keeping you moving this week?


Kelly Hashway said…
I'm 5'2" too! I'm fast drafting a new book, editing for clients, and editing one of my contracted books. Ahh!
Kiersi said…
No way! We are all short! I'm almost 5'2" as well--up from 5'1" when I was introduced to a chiropractor :D

Doing pretty much the same thing as Kelly: revising, writing new short stories for competitions, drafting (and re-drafting and re-drafting) a query letter.
Janel Gradowski said…
So, I've always SAID I was 5'2", even on my driver's license. Wasn't happy when I went to my checkup and actually paid attention to what the nurse said about my height, after I tuned out my weight. Let's just say, I've been lying to the world. :)
Ladies, that is so funny! What a coincidence!

Good luck with all of your projects this week.
R. Doug Wicker said…
I'm not 5'2".

And I'm busy all this week giving radar classes, then for the following three weeks giving radar control problems. Between that and maintaining my thrice-weekly blog schedule, my return to actual creative writing is suffering.
That is quite a schedule, R. Doug. Hopefully, you will get back to writing very soon.

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