A Halloween Bash for the Books


Dear readers, you know how much I love Halloween. Well, with half of my WOW! Women on Writing Blog Tour occurring in October, I have written several guest posts about blending classic literature and Halloween.

For example, in one on how to throw a literary Halloween party, I came up with my new favorite costume idea — The Picture of Dorian Gray. It would be pretty simple to pull off, too. Build a frame around yourself, wear a dapper suit, and gradually age your face from right to left with makeup. Don't forget to make half of your hair gray. Fun, right?

You can read more of my literary Halloween ideas in "A Halloween Bash for the Books" on Writer Unboxed.


Claudine G. said…
Dressing up as Dorian Gray sounds fun. That book was the first classic I'd voluntarily picked up in my teens, so I do have a soft spot for it. :)
Me, too, Claudine. I was oddly attracted to that story. Thanks for stopping by.
angel011 said…
Good idea for dressing up!

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