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My favorite feature on Bibliophilic Blather is Flash Fiction Fridays because it showcases writers not only from across the United States, but from around the world. We've even had authors from as far away as Serbia and Australia. And their genres and writing styles are just as varied as their locations.

Several of our Flash Fiction Fridays contributors have recently released new books.

Kae Cheatham's Hammer Come Down centers on a slave's complicated relationship with his one-time master.

The 1836 Creek Indian war changes the lives of the two young men when an Alabama plantation is destroyed. Devastated by the loss of family and friends, the slave, Jason heads west with his master, Tolin Cobb.

During the trek, Jason contemplates his atypical life as Tolin’s manservant. He has grown up knowing well the restraints demanded of a black man, yet has always dreamt of freedom, a mysterious concept to Jason.

In the west, Jason survives various adventures at Fort Laramie, in Independence, Missouri, and in Indian Territory. Through a generous dollop of fate, Jason even finds his true love who had been missing since the Alabama war, making the freedom he attains much more complete than anything he imagined.

Tense, dramatic, and historically accurate, Hammer Come Down records Jason's persistent desire for freedom and his unique friendship with his one-time master, Tolin Cobb.

Jeanette Fratto follows up No Stone Unturned with another Linda Davenport novel, No Good Deed.

Linda Davenport’s first year as a probation officer was tumultuous. She survived the stress of training, solved the mysterious death of her friend, Carol Alder, and had a painful reunion with her former college love, David Wyndham. They resolved their difficulties and are now engaged to be married.

With the drama behind her, Linda is enjoying her first assignment as an investigator for the adult courts. Her life has finally settled down nicely. Or has it?

Damian Calloway, a handsome movie star with a pristine image, is accused of sexually molesting a woman. He adamantly denies the charges and Linda is assigned to prepare his pre-trial report, at the special request of the chief probation officer. At the same time, Linda learns that her mother is planning a two-week visit, her first since Linda moved to California from Michigan, a move her mother did not favor. 

Matters are further complicated when Linda discovers information about Calloway’s past that challenges his squeaky-clean image. A critical choice must be made. Before the truth is sorted out, Linda must defend her reputation on the witness stand, resolve differences with her mother, and have a final confrontation with Damian Calloway.

Eileen Granfors delivers a prequel to Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities with Sydney's Story.

Sydney's Story is a romp through historical eighteenth-century England and France during the formative years of Sydney Carton, the adult hero of the Dickens' classic, A Tale of Two Cities

How did this brilliant, compassionate man become a dissolute drunk, willing to die for love?

Biker fiction author Karina Kantas serves up some Road Rage.

After escaping the violent lifestyle of an outlaw motorcycle club, Gem tries to live a quiet life. But when the need for adrenaline leads her into the arms of a member of a legit racing club, her past and present collide with shocking and deadly results.

Why not show them some love and check out these latest offerings?


Eileen said…
Thanks so much! A reminder for all readers: Sydney's Story will be a free download on Kindle Oct. 27 and Oct. 28th. Please get your copy, and thanks for including me.

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